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"Serving the community requires that you listen to your neighbors about their wants and needs, to keep an open mind, and to be responsive in a positive way that promotes a positive outcome" ~ Larry Maggio 

Passionate about Los Gatos and its Citizens

I am one of the original sons of the Santa Clara Valley.  Born here 56 years ago, I have seen the many changes that Los Gatos and the Santa Clara Valley has gone through first hand.  I am very passionate about Los Gatos, which is a unique "Gem in the Hills" in Santa Clara County and I intend to keep and maintain that “Old Town Charm of Los Gatos".  I plan to work on the present and upcoming issues that the Town of Los Gatos faces, including the ongoing traffic issues, parking issues, the downtown business issues, the housing issues, the finance and economic issues, protecting our environment and working through the unplanned events of the COVID-19 pandemic that the world has had to deal with.  Establish even more communications with the citizens of Los Gatos in a more transparent way which is more paramount today than it has ever been.  The safety of our citizens is also a priority as the events that are evolving and unfolding day by day are even more relevant.  Keeping and maintaining our local Police is a must and my focus is to allow the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department's leadership continue to progress with transparency and pro-activeness.  Our Police Department is highly trained and has ongoing training and is considered one of the best, if not the best in this country. 


Leadership for Los Gatos

Leadership, Experience, and Values means something and Los Gatos deserves great leadership.  With over 35 years of leadership experience and my dedication to the citizens and the Town of Los Gatos,  I'm committed to our community, and dedicated to progress for the Town of Los Gatos.

What you have told me:

For the past couple of years many residents have spoken to me and have raised the following concerns:

  • Traffic and the impact of growth, parking in business areas, traffic hazards in areas that were recently developed, and will be developed, and in other areas that need updating to keep our citizens safe.

  • Beach Traffic is another impact on our citizens in Los Gatos.  Many citizens have expressed to me several ideas to help minimize the traffic issues with the seasonal Beach Traffic.

  • Impacts of large and dense housing developments.

  • Affordable housing and Senior Housing

  • Better communications between citizens of Los Gatos and the Town of Los Gatos.


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