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Parking has been an issue for many years.  Los Gatos thrives with local businesses being successful.  Our citizens and visitors love the many restaurants and shops we have in Los Gatos. 
The primary issue with parking is the lack of parking. 
  • Many people will drive around looking for parking only to get frustrated and eventually deciding to leave the downtown area. 
  • Parking lot areas have short time limits and if the time limit expires, then a citation is issued.  Many have indicated they would not come back to Los Gatos with the fear of being cited for parking too long. 
  • Many will drive around to find somewhere to park, sometimes in a neighborhood with Permit Parking only.  This can result in a citation and is frustrating for the residence.
What are some possible solutions: 
  • Downtown Parking Structure
  • High School Parking Structure
  • Parking Management System
  • Remote Parking and Shuttle Service during planned events and summer weekends
  • Permit Business Parking


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