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Military Experience

Larry's Military Career

Larry Maggio joined the United States Army Military Police Corps in 1986.

 In 1988, during training exercises in Utah, SSG Maggio and two other MP’s were securing a Military supply route when SSG Maggio observed a breach that occurred in the impact zone during a live fire of artillery while arriving to the location to establish the security for the supply route.  SSG Maggio knowing that there was real live fire happening at that time, used his training and knowledge to have the artillery seize fire and then proceeded to locate the individual that had inadvertently drove into the impact area of the live fire.  He displayed outstanding profession ability, sound judgement, and initiative in all aspects of his assignment which resulted in saving a life of an officer who had mistaken a dirt road in the field.  That same year SSG Maggio was nominated by the Command Sergeant Major of his Military Police Battalion to participate in the Soldier of the Year Board. SSG Maggio made it to the division level and represented his Military Police Brigade in 1989.

  SSG Maggio was also deployed during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and was responsible for locating and reporting accountability of military personnel in the area to the Military Police Commander within 24 hours after the initial earthquake had happened.  SSG Maggio also responded to the damaged areas in the San Francisco area and assisted the 49th Military Police Brigade with operations to help secure areas from looting, provide traffic control where needed, and assisted with various rescue operations. 


  On July 29, 1990 a joint task force converged at a base camp in Humboldt County California for 'Operation Green Sweep'. The operation was led by the Bureau of Land Management and consisted of approximately 60 drug law enforcement agents, 110 California National Guardsmen and 60 regular US Army soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division.  This marked the first time that the government had ever used military forces with its own citizens in a drug enforcement operation. Violent demonstrations by Humboldt County locals against Operation Green Sweep broke out. The first day of the raid resulted in the seizure of over 200 marijuana plants and over 700 pounds of farming equipment. In addition, three arrests for trespassing were made at the base camp. Eradication's continued through August 1, resulting in 683 plants and approximately 2.6 tons of growing paraphernalia confiscated from the local farmers.  SSG Maggio was instrumental with helping to maintain security of the base camp and assisted at the front gates to maintain law and order with the citizens. 


  In 1990 SSG Maggio was deployed to Desert Shield and provided VIP escorts and Military Police operations at several Military Bases, and then Desert Storm while attached to the 143rd Military Police Battalion performing EPW (Enemy Prisoners of War) operations. 

  In 1992, SSG Maggio was deployed within hours of the riot outbreak in Los Angeles for operation Garden Plot where he was assigned to the S3 operations as a Military Police Investigator.  SSG Maggio was responsible for helping his superiors and the Los Angeles Police Department with getting police missions established and to help other Military Police Officers with getting their necessary equipment before responding into the riot areas that were in the middle of fires and gunfire.  SSG Maggio was also responsible for gathering information from the riot areas with other Los Angeles Police Officers, and to help give briefings to the upper commands on mission activities and obtaining field intelligence with possible gang retaliations. 

  In 1993 SSG Maggio transferred to the 49th Military Police Brigade and assisted with training Military Police Operations Urban Terrain and Radio Communications. 


  In 1994, SSG Maggio was transferred to the 870th Military Police Company, 185th Military Police Battalion where he served as a Military Police Squad Leader and assisted with the Communications section as the Commo Chief. 


  In 1996, SSG Maggio was in Panama to help with establishing and training for the Panamanian National Police.  During that time, SSG Maggio was the Patrol Supervisor. SSG Maggio and his team mentored several Panamanian National Police Officers and help train them in the everyday operations of Police Duties. 

SSG Maggio and his team, while training the Panamanian National Police Officers, came across a ring of illegal activities that were occurring, including narcotics and prostitution.  SSG Maggio and his team were able to perform Military Police Operations firsthand and help train the local officers in proper methods for the situation that was at hand.  SSG Maggio led a team, they were able to promote community policing, develop civilian informants, seize unauthorized weapons, administratively account for equipment, identify corrupt police officers and help reduce violence in that region.


  SSG Maggio is a graduate of the California POST academy.  SSG Maggio has trained soldiers in MP Law Enforcement Operations, Riot control techniques and POST defensive tactics. He was called upon to take charge as the NCOIC of the following ranges; Land navigation, M9 pistol, M203, M16, M60, and the shoot-don’t shoot simulator.


With community policing in mind, SSG Maggio was successful in reaching out into the civilian neighborhoods when he was NCOIC of the National Guard Armory Winter Homeless Shelter Program in Santa Clara County. SSG Maggio was able to meet with city representatives and the emergency housing personnel to better the services available for the chronically homeless.   SSG Maggio is instrumental in identifying homeless veterans and linking them up with the local Veterans Affairs social workers. 

SSG Maggio civilian life 

He is currently:


A Commissioner for the Town of Los Gatos, California. 

The Commander for the American Legion Post 99, in Campbell, California for four years

The 1st Vice Commander for the American Legion District 13, Department of California.

The Vice President for the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation

A past officer and current member with the "40/8" which is a veteran’s honor fraternity that serves the community and helps raise funds for nurses in training.


SSG Maggio has had a profound influence with both his nephew and cousin whom have both attended and graduated West Point Military Academy.   


SSG Maggio has, to this day been promoting The Military Police Corp, The Military Police Regiment Association and members at the Military Academy at West Point.

SSG Maggio has been an asset in volunteering to Veterans, and to the citizens of his community. 


SSG Maggio has been recognized for the last five years by the President of the United States for his volunteer services and has been awarded the Presidents Volunteer Service Award all five years.

SSG Maggio is a lifetime member of the Military Police Regimental Association and has been awarded the Order of the Marechaussee. 

Some of SSG Maggio’s awards and badges include:

Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, National Defense Medal, Outstanding Volunteer Medal, Humanitarian Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Air Assault Badge.

SSG Maggio attributes these accomplishments as well as his Army achievements to the love and trust he has for his soldiers, his superiors and the love and trust they in turn reciprocate.


SSG Maggio understands the importance of including and mentoring others.  No one is more professional than SSG Maggio.  His many years of dedication and positive impact on the soldiers of the Army and the California Army National Guard as well as the Military Police Corps, the Military Police Regiment Association and Veterans are immeasurable. 


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