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Here's an opportunity to do something that will impact the community.
Help Larry make a difference.
There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.
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People who raise funds are often “people persons” who like to entertain and show their hospitality to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. A fundraiser can be a small event in your home, with a very minimal amount spent on appetizers and refreshments. A good target amount to raise for Larry’s campaign is $1,000. Start by suggesting a date and time for your event so it can be coordinated on Larry’s calendar.


Our very important campaign walkers are given lists with the names and addresses of registered voters in the Los Gatos district and a supply of materials to hand out door to door. When the weather is good for walking and people are most likely to be home (usually weekends), campaign walkers canvass neighborhoods, ring doorbells and meet people to inform them of the upcoming election and talk about why they are voting for Larry.


Phone callers work with lists of names and telephone numbers and are given suggested “scripts” or talking points for particular projects such as GOTV-Get out the vote in the days preceding the election. Callers make calls individually from home, depending on the project. For example, a volunteer caller may be given a list of people to call and give a friendly reminder to those who have received invitations to an event.


Sometimes brochures need to be picked up from the printer or tables need to be dropped off at an outdoor festival or event. Volunteers with trucks who can do tasks like these are important and always appreciated.


Displaying a “Elect Larry Maggio for Los Gatos Town Council” sign outside your home or business is an immediate and effective way to support Larry by increasing his name recognition. The sign can help undecided voters, who don’t know Larry personally, but know you. It is the easiest way to acknowledge that you are voting for Larry, and encourage others to do the same. When signs are ready, they can be picked up from the campaign committee or delivered to your door.



Endorsers allow their names to be added to a growing list of people who support Larry and want him elected to the Los Gatos Town Council. Once permission is given, the name may appear on Larry’s web site Endorsement page, or in a brochure or advertisement in a list with other endorsements. The list can help undecided voters, who don’t know Larry personally, but know you. In other words, they take your “word for it” that Larry would make a great Council member.


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