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   I want to go on record as endorsing  Larry Maggio for Los Gatos Town Council.  Larry is well known for his           volunteer service in the community.  Larry is currently a Commissioner for the Town of Los Gatos, and is the Chairman for the Personnel Board.  Larry is the Commander of the American Legion Post 99, which includes 370 veteran members. The American Legion is the oldest Veterans organization in the world, having celebrated its 100th birthday in 2019. Larry has been a prominent voice in community affairs and volunteer programs for many years. As a result of his very competent management of the American Legion Post 99, Larry was recently promoted to First Vice Commander, for the 13th District, Department of California, American Legion. The community often hears his voice in city council meetings, political debates, and in letters to the editor.  Larry is the Vice President of the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation, where he has served for 2 years. Larry was chosen as a speaker in the Memorial Day Virtual Celebration that was broadcast nationally, for the very first time from Los Gatos Memorial Park. Larry provided and managed the Army veterans who presented the 21-gun salute and two bugler’s playing echoing “TAPS” for the Memorial Day Ceremony.  Larry is a major supporter of all of the local Veteran’s Groups.  His life has been devoted to serving his country, his community, and those who need help for various reasons. His various service positions, with both his job position and his chosen volunteer positions, are reflective of a person whose satisfaction comes from serving & helping others.  Larry’s Military and Community Services include multiple U. S. Army Schools and Certifications and service as an Army MP. Larry is a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Larry Maggio is employed by AT&T where he has worked for 21 years. He now serves as a Technology Operations Professional, once again serving the citizenry of his company’s geographical customers. Larry Maggio’s past jobs have included Hollister Fire Department, Chief of Operations for California State Traffic Control and 10 years as a Military Police Investigator.

Larry is an experienced public servant with a clear vision of where he wants Los Gatos to go in the next decade. Many residents share his vision because it focuses on keeping our Town a beautiful, clean, and enjoyable place to live.


Kent Hillhouse

Major General (ret)

U.S. Army


Larry's time to serve on the town council is long overdue.  He will bring perspectives, ideas and solutions to the town and I look forward to serving along side him to ensure that our local economy thrives, housing mandates are met and tax payer dollars are responsibly spent. Larry has a track record of service to his community and I believe that Los Gatos will benefit from his further service on Town Council. This year, vote for Larry for the four year term and Rob Stephenson for the two year term.  ~Rob Stephenson

I am pleased to endorse Larry Maggio for the position of Los Gatos Town Council.  Larry has represented many citizens through his leadership in the American Legion and Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation and his past leadership in coaching PONY baseball and his participation in the management of the PONY league.  His past military service and awards are further proof of his consistent excellence in meeting all his responsibilities.  Larry will be a great asset to the town of Los Gatos and to the Town Council that is entrusted with the authority and responsibilities of this position.   The evaluation, data gathering and timely decisions required on issues for the Town of Los Gatos guide this prestigious town to maintain its excellent community rating that is demanded by the citizenry while also demanding better living in housing, traffic, education, law enforcement and business.  I believe Larry Maggio will be a conscientious, honest, and decisive Council member in always deciding what is best for Los Gatos, its residents, business owners and visitors     ~Len Duncan


After years of being around Larry, I am so impressed by his involvement and dedication to the things he believes in. He has a practical approach to the issues and challenges that come up. he will keep the town on target.   

~Wayne Heimsoth

  I don't live in Los Gatos, but I've been involved with this town over the years in a number of different ways and levels in my past professional life as a commercial real estate appraiser. These have revolved around issues regarding the development , redevelopment, remodeling and renovation of many properties in downtown Los Gatos and elsewhere in the area. I know there are many different issues that need to be addressed and are currently being addressed, but there is still a lot of on-going work and planning for those future needs, taking into account the multiple public concerns and feelings in this regard. It's not an easy job. I think Larry brings some good experience to that process and feel he would have a positive and enlightened view of some of those issues in dealing with this on-going process.  ~Jim Free

  I've known Larry Maggio for 35 plus years and he has always been an upstanding man! When I worked at the Los Gatos Police Dept. Larry's family owned Bridge Radio and he installed police radios on all police vehicles including police motorcycles. He always did an excellent job and stood behind their products always!

  ~John Jennings

He is a straight forward and dedicated person. I knew him well while he was in the military. He’s a class act. Vote for him. You can’t go wrong


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